I'm going to tell my story to you

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I'm going to tell my story to you

Beitragvon Tabula » 05.03.2018, 20:35:44

Since I'm here so just logged in and posted a post, I just want to tell you my story. Enjoy reading, I find the story exciting. Unfortunately, it is too complex to be shorter.

So: I thought that teacher is exactly my thing. (know me well with my subjects, explain gladly, give math assistant since their own school time, can occur safely, I'm hard to unsettle and above all enjoy dealing with other people.) Consequently, I am studying teaching and do a practical semester. There it went from the first day on pighorny. Have taught from the first week, the same time a class for 2 weeks to keep track and it worked. The feedback was broadly "We are already talking at the level of the 2nd semester Ref" and "I've never seen a beginner so safe from a class!" (Of course there were some criticisms and suggestions for changes, but on the whole my lessons worked out.) Conclusion: I am right with my career choice. (was also in the internship assessment.) I longingly expect my Ref, so I can finally teach again.

Two years later, I come to ref to another high school, be moderately friendly welcome, and in short: suddenly nothing works! If I had been asked after three days, as I find it at the school, I would have said: The discipline is under all sow! After two weeks I would have answered: If you have disciplined these students (which I somehow succeeded), then you realize how bad they are exactly!

Example complacent? 6th grade, cut across. I write two breaks on the blackboard, say: "We could calculate it normally, but then we have too big numbers, but look at the numbers exactly, which one could be cut with which one?" - incomprehensible looks. I wait a minute, then: "Look, we could write everything on a fraction line." (do it.) - "We do not understand that." - "What do you not understand about that? That's just normal fraction multiplication, counter times counter and denominator times denominator." - incomprehensible looks. Me: "Then you can shorten this with the ..." (do it.) Student: "But we do not understand!" Me: "You have to tell me what you do not understand ... (understanding look on my part) ... otherwise I do not know what to explain." One minute silence, then me: "I have an idea, we could make an intermediate step here and write it back on two lines, with exchanged counters ..." Spontaneous interjection from the class (in full seriousness): "But look Look, if you write more math on the blackboard, we'll understand even less! " (for comparison: at the bottom: cross over the second one.)

This was not an isolated example, but at this "high school" I did not even manage to keep a working math class. The students did not understand anything, did everything wrong and in the next hour forgot all about the previous one. I tried how stupid how to change that (frontal does not work, so let's work on self?) Fails too little partner work brings little when both can not do anything I've never been able to teach these students) But: I did not manage to overcome the difficulties of understanding these students. Although I was wondering day and night about what I could do.

And ask Mentor what I can do ... just answered: "Listen, we rate the students, and the students are good, and if you do not see that the students are good, you are unsuitable for the teaching profession " And constructive feedback that got me there was never there; also on demand came only phrases. Other teachers responded similarly and shouted at me, even hinting that the students did not understand something. My lesson: shut up, even come to what I can do.

Then comes the subject leader (who is by the way a friend of the mentor, the two have been talking to me a few times before) and sees again an hour in which the students showed no prior knowledge, learned nothing and showed no understanding. His reaction: "Do not push it to class, I've never seen such a quiet seventh grade!" His diagnosis: "Man, the students can do that, they just did not understand your questions!" and "Wrong, the students can!" That was just because the students could not concentrate after their boring entry. " Conclusion: "Primary is evaluated by revenue, and by the hour you would have failed."

Afterwards, I hang myself fully in, prepare for the following Easter holidays every day 8 hours, but after the holidays still not a math lesson, again because the students just do not understand anything! And just when I have no idea what else to try, my mentor has a conversation with me: "We can not give you independent lessons, I do not see the commitment you need to become a teacher, and you realize itself, that it does not work. " Me: "Yeah, I realize, but I can not figure out what I can do to make it better, can not you just tell me that?" He (shouts at me): "No, I refuse, that's no use!" Me: "But in the practical semester, everything worked out well, and everybody said that I can do that great." He: "Listen, we're the ones who have to decide about you, and we're all in agreement about you! And what do you want, the trainer judges you the same way." Conclusion: Zero constructive, just "You can not, give up!"

I still complain to the seminar director about my mentor, who simply answers: "There is no misconduct on the part of the school, because a professional, reflective assessment can turn out to be negative." And I wonder how stupid about the story ...

... and come to a mistaken insight: The student skills at the school are really absent in maths. And the teachers finish me because I noticed that! At the same time, I thought to myself, "Shit, that sounds paranoid. Am I going crazy ...?"

... and think to myself the next moment: no pig believes me. Especially since the school looks stupid in the public image stupid (the teachers there have all contributed to important math books, last year the store has hosted a conference of a renowned math didactics newspaper, the students win somehow constantly prices such as the reading competition, etc. and the local press does as if that were the best school in the city.) And besides, because nobody takes a failing trainee teacher seriously who only wants to see the guilt at school and not with himself.

So what do you do? If nobody believes me, I have to prove it. So I break off my Ref, find within four weeks (so what happens only with maths) nor a new school for the new school year, and there everything works at once. (It's a very good foreign high school, which incidentally pays more than my starting salary, as my mentor earns: lol:) And not as a trainee teacher, but as a teacher, with almost full job. Say: I was rated 4 weeks earlier than too stupid to continue a Ref training and may then suddenly compete at a better school with fully trained teachers, even though I have no training ...

.. and I can do it. This has me back to students, parents, colleagues, school management and school inspectors that I'm just doing the job great. And that, although I have little puppy bonus and will be compared with fully trained teachers! How so? Just because the students understand worlds more ...

... for comparison: cut across the second one. Me: "What could we do here if we are too lazy to work out?" Two wrong student ideas, then a student: "We could write it on a fraction line." (I do it.) Next student: "We could swap the counters, because at times you can swap yes." (I do it.) Pupil: "We could write it again on two fractions." (Reminder: Ex-students acknowledged this intermediate step with "If you write more math on the board ...", and at the new school the saying comes from the student.) Then cut short and ready. So far, so cool, but then a little math genius says and says: "But if we do it with numbers, it could have been coincidence that it works! Could be because of the concrete numbers you always have to do it with letters, because you could use any number for the letters. " (She has that spell from me.) * * * * myself: "Yes, that's right, but you can do it without me." Bring some student to the board, she starts a / k * k / b, involves the others and they count it alone. You can say whatever you want, but THE difference between the two hours is not mine!

Anyway, that's all a year ago, and after the summer holidays my second year starts at my new school. And it is still cool.

I draw the following conclusion from my story: mentors and facilitators can really do what they want with us! Because no one believes us when our word is against their word. And if they can do that, they do it too, if it serves their purposes (in my case, the purpose: silence me, because I've seen that the students of my ref school can do nothing.) That the two of them with "you are incapable! " I was clearly wrong about my new school. Had they been right, I would have gone under, or at least received numerous criticisms from the - really thorough - school inspectors. Instead, one of the school inspectors reported back to my new school: "The students told me that you are an outstanding teacher, I can pass that on, and what follows now is complaining at a high level.", And the other, "Me I really do not know what else to say, as I said, the hour worked out great, but only because you did it right. "

PS: I'm looking forward to answers. I'll bet many of you, despite the happy ending, will still treat me as a spinner who made baseless allegations against his ex-school and flew through the ref.
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Re: I'm going to tell my story to you

Beitragvon yestoerty » 05.03.2018, 21:23:25

Den hast du doch schon zwei Mal auf Deutsch gepostet: http://referendar.de/forum/viewtopic.php?f=1&t=28916
Der Google translator macht ihn nicht besser...
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Re: I'm going to tell my story to you

Beitragvon rossi87 » 05.03.2018, 21:48:51

You have not all cups in the cupboard, seems it me!
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Re: I'm going to tell my story to you

Beitragvon Illi-Noize » 06.03.2018, 16:23:08

Was muss in einem Hirn vorgehen, wenn man sowas macht? Ich weiß es nicht.

*Chiuso e bloccato.*
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